Excellent Customer Submitted Logo Idea

Excellent Customer Submitted Logo Idea

November 29, 2018 by

When creating your custom logo at Breed Basket, we often get asked, "what is the best way for me to explain what I want". The answer is almost to draw it up. Words can mean different things to different people and are left up to the interpretation of the receiver, while pictures/drawings tell a story. Think about it is this way: If you go your contractor and say "I my new living room to be grey and black with hardwood and a fireplace and room for a nice size TV" vs coming in with a mock-up of the exactly what color grey, what kind of hard wood, a picture of the fireplace you want and the dimensions of your TV. The client will be much happier if the contractor knows exactly what they want. Same thing with logos.

Stan from PrizePups.com took matters into his own hands by coming up with a basic, yet detailed drawing of what he wanted and how he wanted it. Our designer was when able to use the drawing as inspiration and a guide to nail the logo on the first draft. We have also found that people drawing the logo also helps show them an idea they had in their head doesn't translate great to paper. Not a great artist? Don't worry! We can and have worked with stick figures! The details you can give us, the more successful your custom logo will be.

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